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ISAPN: How We've Got Your Back

Posted 3 months ago

Let’s face it. It’s a difficult time to be an APRN. Even before the pandemic, nursing had one of the highest rates of burnout. This was, in part, a result of overwork and unconventional hours, both of which have only been accentuated by the pandemic.  

At the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing, we think APRNs need support. And that’s why we’ve got our members’ backs. We spoke with a number of members to get their perspective on how ISAPN can help. Read on for some stories of how our organization offered encouragement, support, and assistance to its members. 

Support with Legislation for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

While ISAPN supports our members in a number of ways, the most visible way in which we assist is through legislation. 

According to member Marie Lindsey, ISAPN has and will continue to support its members legislatively. She said,  “First, it needs to be underscored that ISAPN will continue to monitor future legislation that could take us backward. Our work is never done because there are always those who would undo our successes either deliberately or out of ignorance. There are groups and organizations who might not oppose our profession per se, but simply are so unaware of our education and SOP that they might introduce legislation that addresses only physician practice, while ignoring ours. As an example, years ago, IHSA got legislation passed about concussions without including APRNs and PAs in the process. That is the type of legislation that ISAPN now seeks to influence.”

Dr. Wamaitha Sullivan added that “ISAPN supports by going out and getting timely information regarding our practice. It supports by making sure we are represented ‘at the table’ where policies are made.”

Support with Professional Development for Advanced Practice Nurses

ISAPN also supports our members through different types of education. A full list of our webinars and upcoming events can be found here.  

While ISAPN is devoted to providing educational opportunities, we are also dedicated to continuously improving, and look to our members for insight.  Member Marie Lindsey had suggestions for building on our educational foundation, stating, “ISAPN needs to find ways to advocate for APRNs in hospitals and health systems. It needs to find champions in these organizations that will pave the way for ISAPN to serve as consultants for APRN practice. Organizations need to allow, indeed encourage, APRNs to apply for FPA licenses when they become eligible to do so.”

ISAPN Can Help

ISAPN knows that times are tough for nurses, and we want to help. Whether you are an ISAPN member or not, if you are a nurse, feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we can help. You can do so here. In the words of one of our members, “ISAPN is always there for APRNs when they have questions or concerns.”