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ISAPN: Member Tools You Might Not Know About

Posted 4 months ago


At the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing, we want to provide our members with the tools that they need to succeed. That’s why our website has a number of helpful tools to help you with accomplishing your nursing goals. 

Illinois Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: Did you Know About our Preceptor Directory? 

One tool that is frequently used on our website is our Preceptor Directory. As most of us already know, a “preceptor” is an “experienced Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who is enthusiastic about the nursing profession and has a desire to teach. A preceptor prepares students using a variety of skills.”* Our Preceptor Directory can help you find --  or be --  a preceptor. 

How to use the Illinois Advanced Practice Nursing Preceptor Tool? 

You can find our Preceptor Directory here. Once you get there, there’s a tab to search for preceptors and a tab to search for students. You can also narrow your search down by location. Once you’ve initiated a search, our results will display location, specialty, practice setting, and preceptor description. 

Ultimately, this tool can be extremely valuable for those looking for a mentor as well as those looking to pass on their nursing knowledge. Using our Preceptor Directory, you’ll be able to find a preceptor or a student in no time at all! 

ISAPN Uses Tools to Help Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

At the Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing, we are dedicated to helping APRNs complete their goals -- whether it be through tools like the Preceptor Directory or services. If you think there’s a tool that we can provide that would help you to complete your goals, we want to hear about it. Our contact information is here. You can give us a call or message us directly from the page! 

*University of Pittsburgh